Flurry is Past

Unlike the deluge of snowflakes and ice that have blanketed much of the country during this last winter, the biggest flurry around here has been the editing activity taking place. I have three new fiction titles being released in the spring of 2015.

Some may think I've been really tearing up the keyboard in writing these books, but in reality, with the exception of Tryst Twist, what I've been doing is shoveling through a backlog of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) novels that I penned in past years.

The Reckoning has changed titles three times, but the story has largely remained the same. You can click on the page tab above to learn more about the story.

I also did a lot of wondering about Wandering Belle's title. The story, too, underwent some changes from the original draft. The main characters changed much over the years after sitting in a file box in the closet. After much editing and the addition of several chapters, I finally managed to extricate the characters from their troubles and get them moving in the right direction.

Tryst Twist is a completely new tale for 2015. I began it in February. I originally intended to enter it into a fiction contest. I decided that I didn't have the patience to wait six months to hear whether I made the grade or not. So, I decided to publish the novella-length story on my own.

The flurry of editing and publishing is drawing to a close for the time being. I am off to spend a bit of time researching for the next two nonfiction works. The first is an anthology of true-crime events in Nodaway County, Missouri since its founding in 1845. It is a collaborative work with another author from Northwest Missouri. The second work of nonfiction is a history of the old Nodaway County jail, built in 1882 and torn down in 1984, also known as a "rotary jail" or a "human squirrel cage jail" because of its unique design.

I hope you will enjoy the three new works of fiction for 2015 and that you may even take a chance on one or more of the fiction and nonfiction books listed below.

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