The Reckoning


Just released in March of 2015, The Reckoning is the story of Miguel Munoz, a doctor with a true heart of compassion, who is dedicated to helping those who often go without medical care for lack of funds to afford it.  Mig, as he is known to his friends and patients, soon runs afoul of his more affluent professional colleagues and their clientele, and gets on the bad side of Dr. Peter Arliss, a powerful and influential man with a lot of dark secrets to hide.

Mig's life takes a downturn and he soon finds himself thrust into a world he is unprepared for, his medical practice all but nonexistent, and belief in himself seriously compromised. Befriended by two men from the local church, Mig soon learns that no situation is impossible for God, and no enemy too great to confront.

Mig's story is not only one of personal and professional challenge, but also of redemption, and a reminder that for everyone there comes The Reckoning for a life lived.

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