Back-Up Beeper Needed

Why don't computers come equipped with "back-up beepers" like forklifts and large trucks do? As I search through the numerous disks and drives I have on my desk for some long-lost personal essays I wrote years ago, I worry that the electronic files disintegrated with the computer hard-drives upon which they once lived -- because I failed to back them up. Actually, it's the computer's fault, because it didn't sound an alarm the day before it crashed to warn me. That's a good excuse. I'll stick with that. I still have the clipped copies from The Fence Post magazine that originally carried them, but the idea of having to retype the essays is a bit daunting. Nevertheless, I will choose one or two to post here.

My aunt, Wilma Allen, who passed away a few weeks ago, told me a long while ago how much she enjoyed reading those earlier essays and she suggested that I gather them all up and reprint them in a book of essays. So, I have been giving that serious consideration. 

Even though my present, rapidly-aging, and somewhat outdated computer has issued no "back-up" warning, I have learned from my mistakes and keep most of my work -- no really all of it -- on removable drives and disks to prevent loss. There is some comfort in that. And, I'm glad the computer doesn't beep at me all the time for I would be forced to find a way to disable the warning alarm. Like alarm clocks in the early morning, they can be quite annoying. 

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