A Word of Thanks!

It's so nice to find that my books are available at so many wonderful online locations.

First, let me thank CreateSpace and KDP for making the publishing of books so easy and for providing such good customer service when I pester you with questions.

And, thanks to Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, AbeBooks, Alibris, and probably a few more I haven't found yet, for making the books available to your customers through your online sites and stores.

Some local venues in Northwest Missouri may also have books available by local authors. Check at the Nodaway News Leader, Maryville Daily Forum, and Maryville Hy-Vee.

For you readers out there (and you know who you are) don't forget, you can search for my books at any retailer that sells books. They may not have them in stock, but they might be hospitable and order them for you if you're not into ordering online yourself.

My search tonight didn't find them at Walmart.com but it did turn up a book of S'Mores recipes that I just might have to order. Camping season is just around the corner.  Hey, I'll even start a bonfire in the yard if it means it will result in a S'More.

Just wanted to say thanks to online and brick-n-mortar stores for helping another indie author's work become available to the wide, wide, world.

Not to be forgotten, many thanks due to Blogger.com for making blogging so easy, and to Google+ Facebook, and Twitter, and many other social venues, for helping authors connect with the world.

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