The Oppressor Project

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The Oppressor Project

At the age of ten, Halline Wells was orphaned after a tragic auto accident took the lives of her parents.  She is sent to live with her maternal grandparents, whom she calls the "grands." They share a special bond. After her grandfather's death a few years later, Halline puts her natural aptitude for computer programming to work to help support herself and her grandmother. Her grandmother, uncertain as to how they will make it, leverages the family farm and her life savings on a business deal. She soon learns that she has become a victim of a long-running scam. Halline and her grandmother are forced to forfeit the farm and their savings. The stress induced from these events takes its toll on Halline's grandmother and she passes away. Halline vows to seek out the Phishermen, the name Halline has given to those who instigated the fraud, and bring them and their compatriots to justice. She ingratiates herself into their world and into their boldest scheme yet. She's willing to sacrifice all to kill The Oppressor Project and keep the Phishermen from profiting.,

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