The Reckoning

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The Reckoning

Dr. Miguel Munoz is a down-to-earth doctor who believes his first purpose is to heal the sick. To that end, he focuses his practice on treating the working classes of people who often have little insurance and little extra money to pay for medical help. He also reaches out to the homeless, knowing they can never repay him for his services. He is fortunate enough to have a small inheritance from his father, a working class man himself, to help him keep his doors open. When Mig's clientele run afoul of the more affluent and influential medicos in the complex where he has his office, they insist that the property owners do something.

Dr. Peter Arliss, one of the partners that owns the property, and a man with big secrets to hide, sees Mig and his clients as a liability and he is all too happy to see Mig leave the complex . . . and even leave the practice of medicine all together. Mig is undeterred when he is confronted by Arliss and soon finds himself the target of a malpractice suit and the loss of his medical license. Mig's fall from grace lands him in a world apart from the one he is accustomed to and he is eventually forced to fight his way out of the ashes in order to regain his life.

Along the way, he finds faith that he thought he lost in his youth, and is befriended by two men who help him out of the quagmire that has taken hold of him, exposing secrets along the way.

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