Wandering Belle

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Wandering Belle
Ailis Belle Beaumont, Jaimin Aiton, and Gideon "Highshine" Brown are the three main characters in this fictional work by Susan Cronk. Overwhelmed by the death of her mother, and the previous loss of her father, Belle Beaumont decides to flee the cruelty of the life that surrounds her in Kansas City. Knowing that she cannot provide an adequate life for her younger brother, Adelio, she puts her trust in a local preacher to find an adoptive home for him. Belle makes her way to New Orleans, the ancestral home of her parents, where her life takes many twists and turns. Along the way, she is befriended by Highshine, a wandering trumpet player who is headed to New Orleans to make a name for himself in the jazz clubs. But, 1930s New Orleans is a rough place to try to build a life, as they both soon learn. With the help of Jaimin Aiton, a young preacher assigned to minister to the lost souls of New Orleans, Belle and Highshine eventually take to the road once again, with uncertain futures before them.

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