The Sheltering Country -- New Release

New Release

Doing the right thing doesn't necessarily guarantee that adverse consequences won't result. Mariette Holmes realizes that when John Baxter, a dangerous person from her past is released from prison and decides to impose himself upon her present and deny her a future. Mariette is determined to build a positive future for herself and does the one thing she believes will assure her success. She makes a fresh start in The Sheltering Country of her youth.

After returning to the Midwestern county where she grew up, Mariette finds herself making new friends, who play critical roles in protecting her from the evil pursuing her, and from a new threat that she encounters in the very county where she seeks refuge.

The Sheltering Country began as a NaNoWriMo writing project several years ago and was recently hauled out of its electronic storage place, dusted off, and reworked. The book is now available on in both print and electronic format.

I hope that readers will find Mariette's journey an interesting one.

Susan Cronk