Proof Is On Its Way

I was beginning to think that the jailhouse book was a figment of my imagination. Some of you may have been wondering the same thing. But, the proof copy is finally on its way for the final read through before I press that "publish" button.

As with prior books, getting the images to stay where I put them in the manuscript was a challenge, but I think I have it this time. I know there are probably typos lurking in the proof copy, but I will get them weeded out and the final draft uploaded. I will let you know when it becomes available on Amazon.

As for its companion book, Thanks for the Hospitality . . . But We Gotta Go, well, I did manage to chisel out a couple of new chapters today. Much of it was written before I pulled it from the midst of the Human Squirrel Cage manuscript. I'm not sure just how many chapters there will be, but I am fairly certain that it will be less than the 415 pages included in the first book. I just need to add in the information from those last few escapes I stumbled across.

At one point I was thinking the companion book would break out before the jailhouse book, but it was a fleeting concern. I hope to announce to you in a few weeks that it is finished and available online.

I hope you will enjoy both of them. They have been years in the making.

Sneaking Up On The Elusive Jailhouse Book

As I pen this post in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday morning, I am happy to announce that I have only sixty-seven more pages to read before I finish the rough draft of the Human Squirrel Cage: Nodaway County's Rotary Jail. It's been a very long journey to reach this point.

After I finish reading those pages, I will go through and check the citations one more time, run a spelling and grammar check, and then upload the book to KDP. The question is, do I start work on the companion book while I wait for the proof copy to arrive, or do I take a little break?

I have to admit that I'm aching to dive back into the stories of the many jailhouse escapes. Granted, it won't take as long to write that books as it has this one. I believe I have captured all fifty of the known escapes and I'm eager to tell you about the details, although a few of those incidents are sketchy.

It's sure to prove fascinating just in 'characters' alone. Thinking about some of the shenanigans that went on at the jailhouse, like the Moot Court (or Kangaroo Court) run by the inmates, complete with a judge, a sheriff, a prosecutor, and some interesting rules, it's no wonder the inmates could found creative ways to gain their release.

Then there was the poetry. I found one. It will be featured on the back cover of the second book.

When these two books are finished, it will be time to restart the biographies of the county's sheriffs. I've been collecting information as I go along, but there is still a lot of information out there that I simply haven't had time to get to, yet. It's an ongoing project, one that I hope will pick up pace as I begin work on it again.

So, watch for the book release announcements. I haven't yet finalized plans for book signing dates, times, or locations for these two books. I'll have to get back to you on that.