Proof Is On Its Way

I was beginning to think that the jailhouse book was a figment of my imagination. Some of you may have been wondering the same thing. But, the proof copy is finally on its way for the final read through before I press that "publish" button.

As with prior books, getting the images to stay where I put them in the manuscript was a challenge, but I think I have it this time. I know there are probably typos lurking in the proof copy, but I will get them weeded out and the final draft uploaded. I will let you know when it becomes available on Amazon.

As for its companion book, Thanks for the Hospitality . . . But We Gotta Go, well, I did manage to chisel out a couple of new chapters today. Much of it was written before I pulled it from the midst of the Human Squirrel Cage manuscript. I'm not sure just how many chapters there will be, but I am fairly certain that it will be less than the 415 pages included in the first book. I just need to add in the information from those last few escapes I stumbled across.

At one point I was thinking the companion book would break out before the jailhouse book, but it was a fleeting concern. I hope to announce to you in a few weeks that it is finished and available online.

I hope you will enjoy both of them. They have been years in the making.

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